The layers of pools of water have always held a fascination for me. The reflective surface layer that shows the world above, outside. The surface itself that exists like a skin stretched between one world and another. The beneath, the underworld within the water with its hidden depths and then the edge, the defining surface bottom of the pool itself.
Bowl series views these layers as symbols and explores the meanings of objects placed on, in and above the surface, under different qualities of light and across the seasons.
My ongoing work is an exploration of the meanings associated with qualities of light, ambiguity and the symbolic relationships between objects.
Shown as part of the exhibition Terra Incognita at Angel Row Gallery.

Bowl 1 Figures

Bowl 2 Figures

Bowl 3 Figures

Bowl 4 Sky

Bowl 5 Ice Tree

Bowl 6 Ice horse

Bowl 7 Sky

Bowl 8 Beasts

Bowl 9 Ice tree

Bowl 10 Beast

Bowl 11 Ice Horse

Bowl 13 Wild egg

Bowl 14 Ice Tree

Bowl 15 Beast

Bowl 16 Ice tree

Bowl 17 Ice tree

Bowl 18 Beasts

Bowl 19 Ice horse

Bowl 20 Ice tree

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